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Do you know a child who loves to draw?

Are you a parent or teacher with a child who enjoys drawing characters and scenes from cartoons, comics, movies, and games? Have you been searching for an experienced mentor to introduce your child to basic drawing skills and customized learning paths? Fear not! SketchSquatch has now stepped into your life.


Learning to draw can be a fun challenge for children, parents, and teachers.

Our innovative drawing program, produced by the Scribbles Institute, is for young artists of all ages. However, SketchSquatch lessons focus on 7-12 years old, the pivotal ages when drawing becomes difficult for children. It is crucial to provide quality mentoring to help kids move from simplistic childhood drawing toward depicting 3-dimensional images. Our fun, how-to-draw lessons utilize the fascination kids have with cartoons to give them confidence in their ability to draw.

  • Level 1 introduces you to character design. You’ll learn how to create different views of your character on a model sheet and give it various emotions. 
  • Level 2 takes you into drawing 3-dimensional (3D) form. You’ll bring your character to life with shading (light source) and perspective (a system of 3D drawing). Your coach will help you develop a visual language of lines, shapes, and values (lighter & darker tones).
  • Level 3 puts your character into worlds that you create. You’ll learn to compose scenes that depict action and your character’s personality. If you have an iPad or digital tablet, this is a great time to start using it with your coach.

How SketchSquatch is different from other drawing programs and lessons:

  • Students use engaging subject matter they enjoy drawing (their own character and story concepts) to learn and practice fundamental skills.
  • Each student is guided on a customized learning path by drawing coach, Rob Court, founder of the Scribbles Institute.
  • Work when it’s convenient for you, from your home or school.
  • Students learn by using a basic vocabulary (visual and verbal), critiques, and workflow similar to animators and designers.
  • Parents and teachers are able to monitor the SketchSquatch process because lessons flow through their email account.

Student Requirements:

  • SketchSquatch students are creative, self-motivated, and inventive. Most importantly, SketchSquatchers enjoy learning new skills, techniques, and drawing styles.
  • We focus primarily on ages 7-12 years old. However, all ages are allowed to draw with us—even brave parents and teachers!
  • You must have a valid email address for drawing with your coach. Parent’s email address is required for ages 12 and under.
  • Smartphone, digital camera, or scanner for taking pictures of your drawings to email to your coach
  • Content of student drawings must be appropriate for family viewing


Workflow Process:

  • Start by drawing the front view of your character’s face. Work in your favorite art style such as anime, cartoony, or realistic. Create a simple character you’ll enjoy drawing because you’ll use it a lot in our lessons. Try drawing a character from your imagination. You can use ideas from your favorite cartoon or game characters.
  • Use your smartphone, digital camera, or camera to send your front-view character face to your drawing coach for approval. After receiving a Squatch Thumbs-up! (usually within 48 hours) you’ll be ready to start Level 1 lessons.
  • Upon completion of 4 lessons your final drawing will be posted in our online Bigfoot Gallery (coming soon!) with your completed level badge award.
  • Use 2B, 4B, 6B pencils (higher the number, darker the lines) and paper (8.5×11″ white copy paper is fine)
  • Levels 2 and 3 have option of using an iPad or digital tablet during lessons. This is cool because you can email drawings directly from apps such as Paper 53 and Sketchbook.

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Four lessons equal 1 level. Students need to complete 4 lessons to earn level Squatch Awards. Each lesson can take 1-2 email exchanges.

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How to Bring SketchSquatch To Your School:

SketchSquatch Squad
Our online SketchSquatch program is perfect for home schools or a small group of young artists. Start a SketchSquatch Squad, earn Squatch awards, and see how your school compares to other schools. Schools get special rates for 2 to 5 students, help from the coach for your SketchSquatch Squad, and an online drawing gallery for your school.

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