How It Works

SketchSquatch teaches basic drawing skills to aspiring young artists, animators, and designers. Work with a professional drawing coach to earn Squatch Awards for each level you complete. Learn to design a character and bring it to life by drawing.

Start by drawing the front view of your character’s face. Work in your favorite art style such as anime, cartoony, or realistic. Create a simple character you’ll enjoy drawing because you’ll use it a lot in our lessons. Send your front-view character face to your drawing coach for approval. After receiving a Squatch Thumbs-up! you’ll be ready to start Level 1 lessons.


Level 1 introduces you to character design. You’ll learn how to create different views of your character on a model sheet and give it various emotions.


Level 2 takes you into drawing 3-dimensional (3D) form. You’ll bring your character to life with shading (light source) and perspective (a system of 3D drawing). Your coach will help you develop a visual language of lines, shapes, and values (lighter & darker tones).


Level 3 puts your character into worlds that you create. You’ll learn to compose scenes that depict action and your character’s personality. If you have an iPad or digital tablet, this is a great time to start using it with your coach.

Here’s all you need to get started:

  • Valid email address for drawing with your coach
  • Smartphone, digital camera, or scanner for taking pictures of your drawings
  • 2B, 4B, 6B pencils (higher the number, darker the lines) and paper (8.5×11″ white copy paper is fine)
  • Using an iPad or other digital tablet? Email drawings directly from apps such as Paper 53 and Sketchbook.

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Work diligently, brave sketcher! Be willing to learn new drawing techniques and receive Squatch Awards for completing all three basic skill levels.

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